How To Apply

New England Masters Ski Racing Foundation Scholarship Application Form

After the Foundation has received both your completed application and your 2 letters of recommendation; your state’s Chair will let you know you have completed the application process.  You will be contacted directly if you are a recipient.

Those awarded a scholarship will be notified before Christmas

Ski Racing Scholarship Application Process

  1. Download the Scholarship Application
  2. Obtain letters of recommendation from two character references.
  3. Have your character references submit their letters of recommendation to us before December 1.
  4. Complete pages 3–8 of the application, and return to us by December 1, for the following calendar year.

Download Application Here.

Download Applicant Selection Guidelines Here.

Ways To Submit


Email Completed Application Here.

Upload & Submit Completed Application Here.

Upload & Submit Letter Of Reference Here.

Submitted by reference only.